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Fire Prevention Cleaning at La Posada Men’s Homeless Shelter

A HUGE thank you is in order to Thermofisher Scientific Company in Carlsbad. A team from Thermofisher came out on a Friday clean up the fire line and the perimeter on the North Side of the La Posada premises on the outside of the fence. As San Diegans we all know how important fire safety is before the wildfire season. This is no small task in the area surrounding the La Posada shelter.

The group not only did a great job in cleaning the big bushes but also cutting the some of the small trees and pulling dry and green weeds. Which during the summer heat of San Diego would turn into fuel for dry weather.  They then transported all the green trash and weeds to Waste Management two block from La Posada also paying for the fee required.

To top off all their good work they donated 100 hygiene kits for La Posada residents.

We are forever grateful Thermofisher Scientific Company.

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