Dear Friends and Family of Catholic Charities:

As we begin this holiday season, we would like to share stories of selflessness. Each week via our website, emails, and social media, we will share a new story through the new year. As we are all starting to accept the “new normal” in our world, it is an experience to see humanity persevere. Through these tough times and challenges, it is easy to be selfish, to focus on our needs and what is best for “me to succeed.” The stories we will share are stories of humanity at its best. People work selflessly to support their family, their community, their fur family, and seniors.

I hope that by reading these stories, you will help support Catholic Charities in our mission to provide support and services to those in our community to help them in their hour of need. 

 As part of your “new normal,” will you be selfless in your intention?

For those in need, support feels unimaginable. For those suffering alone, happiness becomes indescribable. Let us open our hearts and learn more about Catholic Charities and the amazing people we help.

Catholic Charities exists to give hope. To welcome the stranger. To be the Good Samaritan. We share our stories to show how being selfless comes back to you tenfold.

Alexis found herself homeless, living in her van. Her only saving grace was ASAP, her German Shepard. He took care of her, giving her the support she needed to get out of bed in the morning. When Alexis finally decided to ask for help, she was faced with the decision to help herself but leave her pet behind, her fur family, her main support. When she found Rachel’s Women’s Center, she was not only welcomed but ASAP was too. 

Alexis is one of five people we visited with in person, at length, to hear their stories of selflessness and how they are on new paths in their lives with the help of our services, staff, and volunteers.

Dilan also was homeless after losing his job due to COVID. He, too, has a pet, a fur family that he could not imagine being apart from. Staying at La Posada has given him hope to work towards a life he always dreamed of.  Carmen and her family receive food from our EFDN+ program. Carmen and her daughters also volunteer twice a week to help with our food distribution program helping other families receive food too. The Sadri family chose to support their sister and left Afghanistan last year, fleeing from the Taliban. Their story of family, support, and a new existence is inspiring.

Throughout the holidays, we are featuring each powerful story, one at a time, culminating with a heartfelt message from Mariana, an 81-year young woman who faced and beat death with a stage 4 cancer diagnosis and 3 months to live; her new outlook on life gives hope that we are all here to serve a purpose.

 Food. Housing. Employment. Safety. How do we meet the vast and critical needs in our communities? With kindness, compassion, understanding, and generosity. If you have these qualities in you, put your faith into action with us.

 Every donation is an act of selflessness. Donate today by using the link below or call (619) 323-2841.

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