Dear Friends & Family of Catholic Charities

Take a moment to imagine with me a pillow for every head to lay down and rest, a peanut butter sandwich for every empty stomach to ease the growl, a welcoming, friendly face to offer a hand up instead of a hand out. Can you see it? Sometimes we simply need to slow down, tune out the noise, and open ourselves to the opportunities before us.

Let me paint you a picture of what I believe is possible with your partnership…

Together We Feed the Hungry in San Diego

Last year alone, Catholic Charities ‘ Emergency Food Distribution Network Plus (EFDN+) provided over 1,206,030 pounds of food or 1,005,025 meals, to our communities’ most vulnerable. Our 1,212 volunteers have contributed 19,599 hours to put food into the hands of the hungry. Our new EFDN+ is a large undertaking, to say the least. We will live our mission, we will feed our hungry neighbors, we will do whatever it takes to lead and be a beacon of hope that is very much needed during these unprecedented times of our lives. 

Together We Protect the Vulnerable

Every day, over 100 women experiencing homelessness find a safe place at Rachel’s Women’s Center, our drop-in day shelter. At night, we provide short-term and mid-term shelter for 35 homeless women.

We can and must do more for these women. By expanding our night shelter to provide 40 additional beds, we will provide more women with a safe place to sleep. An extra bed is one less life spent spiraling into chronic homelessness, and one more opportunity to find stability on the way towards permanent housing.

These recent stories from the people we serve to our selfless team members illustrate just how vital it is to find a safe and supportive community, especially in times of uncertainty. Please take a moment to read their incredible journeys as an example of the difference your support makes in people’s lives.


We are asking you to demonstrate faith in action; to exemplify the scriptural values of mercy and hospitality by living out the gospel message contained in “Matthew 25:“; to advocate for a just society by calling individuals and institutions to action on behalf of the most vulnerable; and to acknowledge the sacredness of every human person created in the image and likeness of God by empowering their fullest potential.









Make A Donation Today

The gifts that faith brings to our world are many. Let your faith give a gift to someone in need today.


Other Ways to Give

Did you know there’s more than one way to show your support for Catholic Charities? Other than a cash donation, you can:

  • Donate your old car,
  • Transfer appreciated stock, bonds, or mutual funds,
  • Or give from your 401(K) or IRA

Find out all the ways you can give today!

Photographed at Rachel’s Women’s Center

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