Interpreter, Bi-Lingual Creole


Position Description: 

Provides interpretation to assist refugee clients to communicate effectively across languages and cultures to access medical, social and employment services.


  • Provides interpretation for clients and agency staff during provision of services, including acting as a cultural broker. This may include, but is not limited to, face-to-face interviews; telephone calls; interactions with external providers; and workshops (whether for individuals or groups).

  • Abides by the National Council on Interpreting in Health Care (NCIHC) code of ethics, including standards relating to confidentiality, neutrality and accuracy.

  • Maintains impartiality and professional distance; refrains from expressing personal opinions, giving advice, or socializing with clients outside the workplace.


1. Oral and written proficiency in Creole and English.

2. Ability to serve as a cultural broker between client and agency staff.

3. Familiar with social service and/or medical vocabulary in language of interpretation.

4. Flexible and adaptable in new environments.

5. Possess good listening, comprehension and analysis skills.

6. Maintain and respect professional boundaries.

7. Ability to convey nuances of register, tone, and intent.

8. Able to conduct oneself and communicate in a professional manner.

9. Committed to the mission and values associated with the agency and the program, including mercy, social justice and respect for others.

10. Written proficiency in the language of interpretation.

11. Demonstrated qualification or training in interpreting (preferred).

12. Knowledge of community resources, services and business environment in San Diego that can benefit refugee resettlement, employment and integration.

13. High school education or equivalent required, Bachelor’s degree preferred.

Schedule: Occasional (less than 15 hrs./week)

Salary: $16.50 per service hour

How to Apply

Email Resume to:



Catholic Charities
Human Resources
PO Box 121831
San Diego, CA 92112-1831


619 232-3807

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