What Can We Do Together?

   It’s 6:45 a.m. and Mrs. P. is putting the finishing touches on the coffee station—cups, cinnamon, stirrers…

 “Vino, will you be serving our legacy coffee today?” Kelley asks. “Mrs. P. is a fabulous representation of a ‘Rachelette.’”

Mrs. P. approves of the newly coined term. Soon, the women enter single file. Roughly 100 will visit or stay throughout the day. Thirty-five will get a bed for the night. If or when Mrs. P. is able to get housing, she’ll gladly move into another fixer-upper, perhaps a studio. Until then, she’ll keep doing her best to remain safe, healthy, positive and productive—just like any of us.

“Being homeless teaches you to be patient,” she says. “And compassionate. We have to look out for each other.”

Rachel’s Women’s Center is many things to many participants: a day respite, night shelter, bathroom, shower, laundromat, meal service, clothing provider and mailing address. It’s also one thing to every participant: a place to be heard and helped. Learn more and volunteer.


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