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Current Requests for Proposals (RFPs)

Bid Proposal for the Mission Gorge Project

Catholic Charities Diocese of San Diego (CCDSD) will be accepting bid proposals for the above-referenced Mission Gorge facility upgrades project ” Click Here for Details.

Please include this addendum with your proposal:

For more information here is a link to the State’s website with the updated

wage rates:

Bid Proposal for La Posada in Carlsbad

Catholic Charities Diocese of San Diego (CCDSD) operates the La Posada de Guadalupe homeless shelter in the City of Carlsbad. La Posada provides emergency shelter services to single men experiencing homelessness. There is a desire to expand the current capacity of the shelter to serve more individuals experiencing homelessness, including space for single women and women with children as a Low-Barrier Navigation Center.

CCDSD is seeking preliminary proposals from agencies interested in project design and construction to include architectural, planning, and engineering services for the expansion of a second floor to the shelter which would allow the shelter to be expanded for non-congregate beds that will include men, women, and families. The shelter will provide supportive services for these individuals and households with a focus on assisting them with moving into permanent housing destinations.

Scope of Work:

  • The existing facility is made up of two dorm buildings (Farmworkers Dorm and Homeless Dorm) of approximately 11,000 SF combined, plus an ancillary Dining/Kitchen building of approximately 2,900 SF.
  • Re-work the existing dormitory buildings (Farmworkers Dorm and Homeless Dorm) to increase the existing current bed capacity (107) to its maximum allowable capacity within the current building footprints and configurations (145 beds per occupancy calculations defined by the City of Carlsbad).
  • Expansion of the existing dormitory buildings (Farmworkers Dorm and Homeless Dorm) to accommodate a significant increase in the bed capacity, which includes a second story addition to the existing buildings to be considered and evaluated as a primary solution.
  • Expansion of the existing kitchen/cafeteria building will be required due to increased population demands at the shelter.
  • The expanded building should be provisioned with office spaces for shelter staff to provide one-on-one coaching and case management for unhoused individuals and families. The facility should also be provisioned with space for conducting workshops and group events.
  • Analyze if additional parking for the expansion of the program is required.
  • A preliminary budget for the initial re-work of the existing dorm facilities and kitchen/cafeteria.
  • Prepare preliminary design and planning permit for a Low-Barrier Navigation Center.
  • Prepare project design, construction documentation, and construction administration.

To submit preliminary proposals for project design and construction or for any questions related to the shelter expansion project please email Mike Reynolds, Chief Financial Officer, at

PROPOSAL DEADLINE: COB Tuesday, January 31, 2023.

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