Statement of Identity


We are Catholic Charities Diocese of San Diego, a ministry of the local church based on the person of Jesus, dedicated to caring for the poor, the vulnerable and the marginalized.

Who we are as employees of Catholic Charities matters. We are many things to many people. We perform varied roles and provide many services, yet we are united in a common cause. Our identity is defined by our calling, our core values, our commitments and our character. Those characteristics set us apart and give us guidance in what we do and how we do it. We do the right thing and we do things right. We are proud of who we are.



We are rooted in the traditions and teachings of the Roman Catholic Faith. We are part of a larger legacy and network within the Roman Catholic Church. We are the social service agency of the Bishop of the Diocese of San Diego.


We are guided by the words and actions of Christ as exemplified in the gospels, especially Matthew 25: and the Good Samaritan.


We are different in why and how we respond to human needs. Although others offer assistance for various valid reasons, it is the Love of Christ that calls us to love our neighbor with heartfelt concern.


We give witness on behalf of the scriptural values of mercy, justice and hospitality to the sacredness of the human person by our focus on the marginalized and the services we provide to them.


We call individuals and institutions to action on behalf of the poor. We seek changes in policies and practices that are contrary to the well-being and dignity of others. We are advocates for social justice.


We are motivated by the model of Jesus “who came not to be served, but to serve”.


We tap the “caritas” that dwells within us to see where love is needed, to judge what is not right and to act as Christ would.


We take the graces granted to us by God and share them with others as a beacon of hope and sanctuary against the times and conditions that create darkness and insecurity. We shine the light of God’s Love on the faces of those who are invisible so they can be seen and in their faces we can see the face of God.


We seek to add value to all that we do and to enhance the quality of life for all whom we serve.


We embrace the culture of encounter with open arms and willing feet. We share the journey with those who cross our path and enter our doors. We listen and learn so we can know, understand and respond the best we can.


We connect and support linkages between individuals and communities in need with institutions and resources that can address those needs. We span the gaps and barriers that divide by providing common ground for mutual interests to be achieved.


We are committed to excellence in everything we do; to creativity and generativity; to innovation and what is possible; to setting and meeting the highest standards of quality, performance and outcomes.


We possess the training, knowledge and skills necessary to carry out our respective roles in a manner consistent with established occupational, legal and collegial standards of conduct.


We assure that the resources provided to our care by public and private benefactors are properly handled and used according to the purpose they were granted.


We are fiscally responsible. We allocate and account for all resources according to generally accepted principles and practices. We undergo regular internal and external reviews and audits.


Our logo represents the two “C’s” of Catholic Charities coming together to form the community of the church under the symbol of Christ’s cross.



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